Announcing the 2020 roadmap

Alex Tselegidis

Easy!Appointments will become even more powerful this year with the release of the Premium services.

Exciting changes and updates on Easy!Appointments took place during the last months, so that the upcoming v1.4 is finally close to the first alpha release.

All this time new features, enhanced codebase and more performance got added to the system, providing a more versatile scheduling experience that is ready to go beyond the typical provider – service booking workflow.

Additionally, new ways of working with the project on production got tested thoroughly so that future versions can be planned and designed for new use cases.

Easy!Appointments will become even more powerful this year with the release of the Premium services, that will provide enterprise solutions to any individual user.

After a series of software releases, this article has been updated to match the updated deadlines and information.

December 2020 – v1.4 Release

  • Timezone Support
  • Custom Availability
  • Additional Fields
  • Codebase Enhancements
  • Bootstrap 4 & Updated Design
  • Bug Fixing

May 2021 – v1.5 Release

  • Improved Calendar Experience with FullCalendar 5
  • Mobile UX Improvements
  • Improved Email Notifications
  • File Structure Changes
  • Premium Scheduling Services
  • Bug Fixing

Stay tuned!


  1. Clubmember
    November 10, 2020

    We would like to use EA as a booking system (sport courts). Registered users select predefined timeperiods with different (person) capacities (2-4). During the booking process, all involved persons (= previously registered users) are selected in the frontend (2'nd, 3'rd or 4'th player). Finally, users will receive a email with cancellation link. Furthermore, different user groups would allow better logic (days, times, frequency, etc.). This would be of course an opposite approach, but gives the system a wider scope.

    • Alex Tselegidis
      November 11, 2020

      Hello! There is currently no support for registered users, though this might be implemented at some point in the future. Consider booking the Customization Service and order your custom Easy!Appointments build.

  2. Manny
    December 11, 2020

    1. important to have the ability , for secretary and calendar owner to see on a calendar view the dropdown of the services that every calendar has, and view their services calendar.
    2. allow attaching UNIQUE services to a calendar, so, when creating a new calendar, there will be an option to choose from GENERAL SERVICES and NOT to choose from unique services that had been uniquely attached to a calendar.

  3. Follow EA
    December 19, 2020

    Interesting question that I'd like to discuss a little more in detail.

    It would be regrettable if there wasn't any further development here. If necessary with affordable add-ons.

    This current booking concept (1:n connections) follows other free solutions, in particular comparable WP plugins, which also offer the advantage of integrating existing WP users as a base for customers.

    Why not enable a 'user to user' assignment to services (employees) during booking process? The real challenge (sql query) should be not to allow users who have already been booked to book twice for the same period (time/service).

    1. Customer registration / grouping
    2. Booking services with fixed timeslots and a given number of customers
    3. Selecting additional customers
    4. Confirmation (optionally approved by secretaries).

    That would indeed be helpful to many clubs and we would be the first to use (and buy) it. Preferably on a WP user basis, as we are already using WP with member accounts.

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