Changelog of Easy!Appointments v1.4.0

Alex Tselegidis

The new Easy!Appointments release is currently going through the beta phase and the stable release is just a couple of days away. The past months were very productive and many enhancements and fixes made it into the platform. Here’s the change log for v1.4.0:



  • #203: Appointment location / 12-hour format / sync notes and location in Google Calendar.
  • #221: Fixed/Improved sort breaks increasingly by hour within day.
  • #247: Add new system-wide setting for removing the “Any Provider” option of the booking page.
  • #251: Automatically populate the appointment end datetime in API.
  • #301: Automatically reload the backend calendar events.
  • #313: How to set the timezone from the user booking the appointment.
  • #365: Only allow appointments for a few weeks in advance.
  • #431: Add support for working plan exceptions.
  • #471: Add new system-wide setting that enable users to choose the first day of the week.
  • #496: Add pagination on every backend page in order to make filter requests faster.
  • #501: Integrate script for assets minification.
  • #502: Config::DEBUG value toggles the use of normal or minified asset files.
  • #546: Add appointment edit link in the backend customers page.
  • #550: Multi-Lang Front-End selection popup not working on mobile.
  • #551: Front-End booking calendar not syncing with business logic working plan.
  • #572: Ensure the database structure is compatible to at least MySQL 5.5.
  • #576: Appointment cancelled exception not showing properly.
  • #610: Token based authentication for the Rest API.
  • #648: Add a warning when customers delete their personal information.
  • #655: Creating an appointment requires user to enter their phone number enhancement.
  • #659: Automatically detect browser language enhancement.
  • #663: Language selector not working under legacy iOS (v.10.3.1).
  • #680: Generate new password in the generate_random_string function may create duplicate passwords, plus it is not secure enough.
  • #739: Enhance the table view mode by replacing the tables with fullcalendar instances.
  • #770: Store customer’s language and use it with notifications or when the customer manages and existing appointment.
  • #889: Notify admins and secretaries on appointment changes.


  • #386: Service price should be optional.
  • #428: Enable book advance timeout values in days.
  • #568: Sort providers alphabetically in the booking page.
  • #745: Add appointment notes preview in the event popover.


  • #171: Google calendar sync – wrong timezone for appointments.
  • #195: Fix Google calendar sync activation error (JavaScript).
  • #298: Provider availability issue when selecting the “Any Provider” option.
  • #396: Start and end time do not update correctly during calendar time selection on iPad (and other Safari based devices).
  • #447: Captcha error using docker (500 error).
  • #506: Working plan created in version v1.2.1 wrongly displayed in backend with version v1.3.1.
  • #507: Need to manually clean the cache when migrating from v1.2.1 to v1.3.1.
  • #541: Can’t remove (empty) customer notes field.
  • #549: Querying appointments API endpoint with the q parmeter produces PHP warnings.
  • #557: App not connecting to MySQL with fresh docker run.
  • #562: Unavailability periods with length of more than 1 day are not handled correctly.
  • #563: Description field overflows with long text.
  • #600: Unable to select Language on mobile phones.
  • #611: Double replacement when using translation to other languages.
  • #664: Easy!Appointments v1.3.2 allows sensitive information disclosure (username and password hash).
  • #687: Errors when the provider modifies an appointment.
  • #705: The alert notification of the installation is not being displayed on error.
  • #757: Corrected display of datetimepickers when editing events.
  • #801: Invalid time duration during appointment registration could lead to DOS of the service.
  • #813: Hyperlinks are not being displayed correctly inside legal contents (they are escaped).
  • #839: Provider is missing on appointment modal opened after a click on the link sent with the provider email confirmation.
  • #840: Start/end datetime are not correctly initialized on Safari when the appointment modal is opened after a click in the backend calendar.
  • #883: Appointment date is wrongly changed to today in some case.
  • #903: Notification not working when creating/updating/deleting an appointment from the REST API.


  1. Dsw Las Vegas
    November 5, 2020

    Very interesting, very good job and thanks for sharing such a fantastic blog.

    King regards,
    Lunding Hessellund

    • Alex Tselegidis
      November 5, 2020

      You are welcome! Glad you like it!

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