Easy!Appointments 1.4.0 release

Alex Tselegidis

After undergoing a very constructive Beta phase, we are more than happy to announce that Easy!Appointments version 1.4 has finally made it to a stable release, that brings many new features and improvements to the app. Here are some of the most notable changes of this release.

New Design

Enjoy the brand new look of the application, powered by the latest stable Bootstrap version.

The most prominent change of Easy!Appointments is the new design. Bootstrap got updated to v4 and the colors and font elements are carefully picked to provide a professional look and feel to both customer and admin users.

Great Performance

Scheduling is faster than before, thanks to code optimizations in key points.

The application now responds faster than ever before thanks to the integration of pagination and data filtering in places of significant importance. Easy!Appointments will avoid loading excessive information so that the user experience becomes even smoother, even with databases with thousands of records.

Timezone Support

Times will be displayed in the user’s selected timezone.

Ultimately important feature for remotely held appointments, especially in the Covid-19 era, timezone support enables users to schedule in their own timezone. Moreover these appointments will also synchronize better with remote calendaring services, as the iCal files and the Google Calendar Sync features contain proper timezone information.

Working Plan Exceptions

Modify the working plan exceptions from the backend calendar and backend users page.

The availability generation algorithm got improved with this new feature which now allows users to modify their working plans in any way they like. Working plan exceptions enable the selection of arbitrary working hours for any day. This means that Easy!Appointments can be configured to work with custom availability instead of recurring working schedules, all that individually assigned to each service provider user.

CLI Commands

Check the available commands with “php index.php console help”.

Support for console execution has been added with various commands already being available to use from within a CLI environment. The most important to mention is the Google Calendar Sync feature which can now be used to trigger the Google Calendar synchronization on a regular basis via a cron job and automatically sync all the changes between the two systems.

New Translations

New translations have been added thanks to the contribution of community members.

Thanks to the generous contributions from the community members many existing translations got updated and others have been added to the project. Starting from v1.4 Hebrew, Swedish, Czech, Catalan and Marathi are now available for selection from the user interface. Additionally, the application will also now try to detect the browser’s language and pre-select the right language for new coming users.

Many More

More options and enhancements are part of this new release.

This new version contains huge improvements to the codebase, allowing for more flexibility, consistency and simplicity while developing for Easy!Appointments. Third party packages got updated, including the addition of new ones that provide new ways of user interaction. Numerous bug fixes have been made, based on the issues users submitted to Github.

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