Intermediate 1.4.3 release

Alex Tselegidis

Intermediate release

A brand new minor release will become available within the next few days, right before the upcoming 1.5 version reaches its beta state. In this blog post we will go through all the important information about this release and what to expect with Easy!Appointments 1.4.3.

Some weeks ago an extensive security review phase took place checking all the places of the app and configuration that could be improved, aiming to achieve a more robust and secure system for all installations out there. Since data security and privacy is one of the ultimate concerns while working on Easy!Appointments, it became clear that this release should happen before 1.5, as it will make it much dead simple for everyone to upgrade without having to first go through the tons of new functionality Easy!Appointments 1.5 will ship with.

PHP 8.1 support

First and most important, 1.4.3 ships with updated vendor and source code files that now fully support the latest PHP 8.1 version. After the installation of the new update you will be able to switch your running PHP version and enjoy the best performance and new features this version has to offer.

Smaller package size

Due to the vendor file changes and improvements, the package and source code size decreased from 70mb to 20mb zipped. Even though that might not make a different in the functionality of the application, it still enhances development operations, maintenance and other related tasks while working with the package.

Enhanced security

With the support of experienced software security experts and community members, additional configuration and code changes were introduced, making this release more safe than ever before, honoring the best practices and latest standards of data privacy for all users of the application.

Other improvements

Minor fixes and improvements are also added in this release, such as the support of Google Calendar template links in the booking confirmation page and event display fine tuning, all of which are available on GitHub.

Simple upgrade process

Since this release is all about improvements and fixes, the upgrade only involves replacing the old files (excluding your root config.php) with the new ones. If your installation is customized then you will need to apply the customizations to the new version, although almost everything is identical to the previous 1.4.x releases.

If for any reason you are not able to upgrade your installation, then you may use the brand new Patch Utility Script that was developed to easily patch any open security vulnerabilities and keep your installation safe to use. More information about this single-file script can be found on the Easy!Appointments Developers portal.

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