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Alex Tselegidis

For the most part, successful stories involve adequate communication across all project assets, and in the modern world there are endless channels that can serve this need. Reaching out to other people in real time is extremely important and should be part of any collaborative effort out there.

Easy!Appointments is backed by a great community, including many experienced developers that contribute to the project’s success. For this, a new communication channel was recently opened, aiming to allow people to chat in real time and exchange their ideas, feedback and other information: a brand new Chat Group on Discord.


Discord is a free voice/video/text exchange platform that is used by millions of people to reach out to friends, working groups and communities. The platform initially gained a lot of users within the gaming landscape, but was later adopted by a huge variety of users as it providers great tooling that can back up big communities. The better the support for communities became, the more open source projects got involved with the project.

Our Community

From ideas exchange to hardcore troubleshooting, the new Easy!Appointments’ Discord Chat Group is here to bring you closer to other open source enthusiasts and help you get where you want to be. The community has different channels such as support, contribute and ecosystem, each one aiming to hold relevant only discussions. This way you can find the information you need more easily and connect with the right people depending on your needs.

Use this invitation link to connect with other scheduling enthusiasts and chat in real time.

Going Premium

Did you read this article but you’re still not sure on how to proceed? Reach out to and have an expert take care everything for you in zero time. Get your free quote and get started now!

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